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TU Alumni for Responsible Reform

325 TU alumni and growing . . . 

TU Alumni for Responsible Reform is a group of former TU students who support the university and who are concerned that the recently-announced “True Commitment” reorganization plan will harm teaching and learning and TU’s national reputation. (For more information about the plan and the outcry against it, visit


Members believe the reorganization is a profound mistake that sacrifices the quality of TU’s existing programs in pursuit of a narrow and misguided “job-training-focused” approach to higher education. We urge the university’s President and Provost to partner with TU faculty and students to develop a new reform strategy that addresses the university’s current needs while preserving the comprehensive educational model and liberal arts focus that have made TU the remarkable institution we know and love. We further urge the administration to devote the time and care to these decisions that they deserve: if TU needs to be significantly reorganized, the administration must collect good data, describe proposed programs in detail, present careful market research, outline clear plans for short- and medium-term evaluation, develop backup plans in the event the reorganization does not meet university goals, and generate buy-in from relevant stakeholders, most importantly faculty and students. 


Until the administration does so, members of TU Alumni for Responsible Reform cannot in good conscience make financial donations to TU or encourage prospective students to attend TU.

When the administration has addressed the concerns outlined above, members of TU Alumni for Responsible Reform pledge to resume recruiting students and to make commemorative donations to the university to thank the administration for addressing their concerns. Donations of any amount—especially from first-time alumni donors—help the university’s national ranking and are attractive to administrators and will be a fitting way to affirm our ongoing support for the core values that make TU great.

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former TU students who have agreed 
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Members & Silent Partners

1. Dr. Nicholas Carnes, BA '06

2. Erin Fuller, BA '93

3. M. Brennen VanderVeen, BS / BA '17

4. Jenna Harris Elser

5. Andrew Noland, BA '19

6. Kayleigh Thesenvitz. BA '18

7. Amanda Sigler, BA '04

8. Dr. Julianne Romanello, BA '03

9. Anna Rouw, BA '18

10. Dr. Alex Prosser, BA '11

11. Dr. Christopher A Shrock, BS '04

12. Duggan Phillips, MA '03

13. James F. Tindle, BA '13, MA '14

14. Silent Partner, BA '19

15. Linda Hudson, BA '11, MA '13, PhD '19

16. Silent Partner, BA '04

17. Ken Warlick, BA '92

18. Gabbi Allen, BA '19

19. Silent Partner, JD '11

20. Silent Partner, BA '94: "Where there is no space for reflection, there is no room either for justice or prudence. Might does not make right, especially at a university! Take True Commitment back to the drawing board and model for students how to reason and deliberate in good faith and wisdom."​

21. Silent Parnter, BME '14

22. George Brown, BS/BA '72

23. Taylor A. Burke, BA '02, JD '06 

24. Tristan Loveless, BA '18

25. Audrey Diana Williams, BA '19

26. Andrew Pratt, BA '09 "This would be the first year I might have made enough to donate to TU, but I will not be due to this atrocity."

27. Silent Partner, BS '74, JD '80

28. Seth Blair, 2014-2017, Sociology

29. Justin Pickard, BA '05

30. Jennifer Anne Pfieffer Hooper, JD '11 "I value my certificate in Native American Law."

31. Robert A Ritz, MA '03

32. Jim Overly, BME '89, MM '97

33. Joanna George, BS '19 “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” --Thomas Merton  In losing support for the furtherance of liberal arts programs, TU loses a part of indescribably crucial part of itself- in culture, identity and essence."

34. Rhiannon Baker, BA '00, JD '09

35. Conor J Fellin, BS '15

36. Jesse Keipp, BS '15

37. Kimberly Poff, BS '14

38. Morgen Cavanah, BM '19

40. Andrew Trac, BS/BA '17

41. Walker Womack, BA '16

42. Aram, BSN '19

43. Kelsey Erwin, BA '16 "I would love to support the university whose excellent programs and faculty helped me find my way to where I am today. However, under the planned reorganization, TU can't be that university."

44. John Turner, BA '18

45. Elizabeth Wayant, BS '16

46. John Ronald Roberson, BA '71, JD '73

47. Dennis Hodapp, BS '14

48. Dale Maples Roberson, BS '73

49. Matthew Wilburn King, Ph.D., BA '98

50. J. Michael Rutter, BS '17 "The honors program classes have had more payoff for me than any STEM class I ever took. Liberal education is essential to manifest engaged citizens."

51. Silent Partner, BSN '10 "SAVE TU!"

52. Silent Partner, BSN '10

53. Kyle Klavetter, PhD, BS '10

54. Asher Gelzer-Govatos, BA '08 "My time at TU was formative in my life. I'm dismayed by the current corporate takeover of my beloved alma mater.

55. Zhuoyao (Peter) Li, BA '11

56. Stacy Davis, BA '96 "As a liberal arts major and a religious studies professor, the solution to academia’s problems needs to be more critical thinking, not less. "

57. Destiny Womack, BA '16, MA '19

58. Carly Cockman, BA '15

59. Kyle Walker, BA '15

60. Nick Coyle, BA '13

61. J.Christopher Proctor, BA/BS '14

62. Paul Kelton, BA '92

63. John William (Bill) Hinkle, BS '69

64. James Boettcher, BA '92

65. Megan Hosmer, BA '19 "As the humanities and liberal arts are downsized, privatized, and commodified, higher education finds itself caught in the paradox of claiming to invest in the future of young people while offering them few intellectual, civic, and moral supports." - Henry Giroux

66. David Chandler, MA '10, Ph.D. '15 "The decision to restructure TU was made with outdated analytics. Crippling the school's academic programs due to poorly informed trustees will do nothing but harm the university and its students."

67. Brian Hasse, BM '13 "With the skills I learned as a music major at TU, I’ve since worked in banking, from entry teller to now Associate Project Manager for JPMorgan. The idea that restructuring programs will better prepare students is false. TU prepared me with skills essential everywhere."

68. Jennifer Lowrey,  "Universities at their core are more than just job training centers. They are and should be centers of thought, learning, exploration, art, beauty, reason. If you cut those things out, you cut out the heart of the university. Without the heart, a thing dies."

69. Dr. Rita George-Tvrtkovic, BA '94 "My studies in anthropology, religion, and the Honors Program have been indispensable—not only in my career but also in my life as a citizen working for the common good."

70. Amy L. Scott, BSBA, MA '99

71. Witt Womack, BA '16

72. Hannah Montgomery, BA '18

73. Matthew Oberrieder, BA '93 "On trial, Socrates says, 'The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being' (Apol. 38A). 'True Commitment' seeks to job-train TU students into an unexamined, inhuman life. A job is to earn a living--but for what is one living? Liberal Arts answers that question!"

74. Alicia Dudek, Bsc '08 "Arts and humanities is the only thing artificial intelligence will need us for when it wins. STEAHM plus indigenous knowing will be our saving grace. We need to be studying things that don't even exist not limiting ourselves to the known."

75. Jessica Pongonis, BA '17

76. Silent Partner

77. Natalie Henshaw, BA, MA '09

78. Giselle T Willis, BA '17

79. Kaedi Love, BA '14 "As 'The Harvard of the Midwest' as well as an institution of higher education, it is the duty of the University of Tulsa to consider the needs of students and faculty in their decision, rather than merely considering the pockets of board members."

80. Drew Capps, BS '15

81. Leanna Duncan, BA '13, MA '14  "I've always loved TU and wanted to support its mission in any way I could. If True Commitment unfolds as planned, however, TU will no longer be the university I loved."

82. Dr. Zachary Harvat, BA '13 

83. Natalie Merrick, BA '16 "I feel so lucky to have had the experience at TU I had. I am disappointed that future students will not have the same opportunity."

84. Samuel Kucera, BS '09, MS '11

85. Susan Clanton Howe, BA, JD '98 

86. Silent Partner, BA

87. Silent Partner, BS '04 "My exposure to the humanities in parallel with a natural sciences education is foundational to my success as a scientist. Restructuring to focus only on narrowly defined 'job-focused' fields will result in alumni who are uncompetitive and poorly prepared for their careers."

88. Amy Coich, BA

89. Emily Moore, '12

90. Stephanie Arnold de Verges, BA '92

91. Joshua Divine, BA '11

92. Jeremy Larance, Ph.D. '08

93. Brian Surratt, BA '98

94. Mary Jean Parker, BS '72

95. Naga Durgarao Koduri, Ph.D. '15 "The graduate program, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, at TU is solely responsible for success in my carrier. This program offers a lot for students like me. They will produce many scientists like me to make the world better place. Please don’t ruin this opportunity."

96. Silent Partner, BA '15, JD '18

97. Silent Partner, BA '12

98. Silent Partner, BA '12

99. Erika Lopez, BS '16

100. Kate Cooley, BS '15

101.  Bram Hamilton Frohock, BS '16 "TU's Chemistry department, and their great professors, is a huge contributor to the success and knowledge I have now."

102. Rachel Catherine Shafer, BS '09

103. Silent Partner, BA '10 "Instead of cutting programs, TU should work to provide practical professional opportunities that will enrich the overall experience of liberal arts students."

104. William B Mueller, BS '69

105. Maria Castaneda, BS '14

106. Reginald Tucker-Seeley, BSBA '95

107. Silent Partner, BS '15

108. Nigel Cook, BS '15

109. Silent Partner, BSBA '17

110. Dr Robert Yeates, MA '13

111. Joseph P. Willis, Ph.D. '16

112. Tawny Tidwell, BA '09 "Without the liberal arts education I received at TU, I would not be "job ready" for my work in international human rights. Knowledge and holistic education should be a right of every Oklahoman and every student at TU."

113. Jinan ElSabbagh, BA '12

114. Silent Partner, BA '19

115. Matthew Campbell, BA MA, '12

116. Garrett Cannell, BS '13 "Much of my career success as a physician is attributable to the foundation I built within the TU Department of Chemistry and with the dedicated academicians it houses. I cannot conscionably support the reformat of this department as set forth in the “True Commitment” plan."

117. Silent Partner, BA '08

118. Ashley Morton, BS '15

119. Grant Wheeler

120. Andrew Ferguson, MA '09

121. Daniel Chang, BS '14 "My time in the liberal arts program and other sciences has taught me different ways of thinking that are useful in various fields. Trimming out these programs would have lead me down a more narrow path and would have put me at a disadvantage in the workforce."

122. Sara Douglas, BS '16

123. Dr. Ryan Slesinger, Ph.D. '17

124. Patrick Kutz, BA '09

125. Carly Schmidt, BA '14

126. Fraser Kastner, BA '16

127. Rev. Stuart Crevcoure, BA '95

128. Silent Partner, BA '17

129. Lauren Marciano, JD '15

130. Carol A. Pettit, JD/M '07 "I was already disappointed that the Business school no longer had a Master of Tax program. Discontinuing the Indian Law LLM is even worse. A University is not supposed to be a job training institution even though students should learn skills they will use in future careers."

131. Emily Tallant, BME '02

132. Matthew Porter, JD '17 "If I wanted "job training" I would have gone to a vo-tech. I chose our university for its academia and alumni networking, which are far more important elements for the success of graduates."

133. Dr. D. Mark Austin, BS '81/MA '83 "The University of Tulsa changed my life. I am a college professor with over thirty years experience and I am disappointed to see TU headed down this damaging path."

134. Samuel Herbig, BA/BS '16

135. Amelia Williamson DeStefano, BA '12/MA '14 "More than anything, my TU education taught me this: You don't know what you don't know. Convenient narratives are very seductive. Good intentions don't matter. Sadly, these are all things I wish the current administration would consider to guide its conduct."

136. Holly Clay-Buck, MA '05

137. Jeff D Gaffen, BA '97 "I was a Musical Theatre minor at TU as well & I am deeply hurt by TU TrueComm."

138. Silent Partner, BS/MS '15

139. Silent Partner, BS/BA '15, MSQF '18, MBA '18 "Just trying to save my favorite school with my broken heart."

140. Dana Maher, BA '91, MM '96

141. Steven Barrios, BME '08

142. Karen (Kuchar) Karsten, BA '92

143. Dallas Elmore, BA '17

144. Kate Arnold, BA '09

145. James Perrault, BS '87

146.  Tori Anne Walton, BFA '17

147. Hillary Lewis Bronn, BA '09

148. Lori Grubbs Billy, BA '95

149. Emily Duensing, BA '75, JD '84 "It is so important to take the long view on dealing with what is very likely short-term adversity. I don't think the current plan takes the long view, nor does it appear to be inclusive of ALL views. Put egos aside, and listen."

150. Lauren Lawson, BA '06

151. Sarissa Ewell Marwitz, BA '09 "I hope the current administration understands that we all have invested a lot into our degrees. I hope they make sure that our investment is not devalued by any change."

152. Kathryn Mouser, BA '13

153. Silent Partner, BA '08 "It’s not an overstatement to say that I may not have survived my early 20’s without my liberal arts education and the professors and advisors who facilitated it. Studying arts and language can keep people going who might otherwise have no chance of entering the workforce at all."

154. J. Matthew Huculak, Ph.D. '08 “It could be said that a liberal education has the nature of a bequest, in that it looks upon the student as the potential heir of a cultural birthright, whereas a practical education has the nature of a commodity to be exchanged for position, status, wealth, etc." Wendell Berry

155. Colleen Yoder, BA/BS '18

156. Kimberlee Ann Richard, BS '82, BSN '95

157. Christopher J Downen, BS, '72

158. Louis Wayne Downing, BS '73, MA '82 "I have feared something like this for some time. Ever since the adoption of the "Tulsa Curriculum" the university has been painting itself into an unsustainable corner. It has ceased to be Tulsa's University. It fancies itself an exclusive trade school. Never forget your roots."

159. Melissa (Kirschke) Stockdale, BA '79 "A wonderful institution will be greatly diminished by this plan, which essentially turns it into a STEM Vo-tech."

160. Silent Partner, MA '08, Ph.D. '12

161. Kathryn Webb-DeStefano, BA '12, MA '15

162. Michael David Conklin, BS, JD '83 "Thomas A. Bailey author American Pageant: 'History repeats itself because no one was listening the first time.'"

163. Silent Partner, BS/BA '19

164. Toby Decker, BA '14 "I'm embarrassed to have selected TU to finish my undergraduate degree. The institution has worked to advance its own interests rather than the interests of its students for a long time. This plan just makes that more evident than ever before."

165. Devin Boyd, BA '95 

166. Mike Romanello, BSBA '80

167. Nanci Lamb Roider, MA '98

168. Lauryl Lane, BA '05

169. Samuel J. Threadgill, BA '04

170. Isaiah Feken, BM '14

171. Silent Partner, BA '94

172. Silent Partner, BS/BA '18

173. Daniela Rosales, BA '18

174. Julia C. Rieman, JD '92

175. Afiya J Whitman, BS/BA '99, JD '06

176. Benjamin Waters, JD '09

177. Gary D. Allison, BA '68, JD '72 "As a 44 year law faculty member, I took pride in watching TU develop award winning programs and climbing into Top 100 lists. Now all of this is being thrown away."

178. Ann Tomlins, Ed. D. '83 "Don’t let the beauty, the arts, and the inclusiveness of learning disappear." 

179.  Mike Juen, BA '08, MA '10

180. Wendy Gregory, BA '98 "The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think." Albert Einstein

181. Dr. Melinda Pash (nee Lee), BA '91, MA '96

182. Chuck Hanson, JD '76

183. Silent Partner, BS '76

184. Silent Partner, BS '18

185. Amanda Owens, BA '01

186. Jared St. John, BA '13, MTA '15

187. Carlie Wiseley, BA '18

188. Silent Partner, BA '14

189. Christopher Andrew Smith, BA '98

190. Kim Mulson Hassell, BA '13, MA '17

191. Russell Hamer, BA '09

192. Ryan Zabel , BS '15

193. Joe Reichold, BA '18

194. Jennifer Wernersbach , BA '98

195. Susan S. Swatek, JD '79

196. Hayden Iskander, BM '14

197. Meg Freistedt, BA '19

198. Karl Saint Lucy, BM '09

199. Joe ChocoLuv Lee, BM '17 "Bruh."

200. Silent Partner, BA '65, MS '74

201. Frank Conatser, BA '90

202. Amanda Burton, BA '14

203. Sonja Worthy, BA '15

204. Jayson Burscough, BME/BM '14,

205. Jeremiah Neely, BM '17

206. Bettye Horton Bunch, BS '68

207. Lloyd Oulds-Jones, BM '18

208. Marla Blum, BA '13

209. Liza Villarreal, BM '01

210. Silent Partner, BS/BA '09 

211. Silent Partner, BA '20 "Without the arts, the world is grey and apathetic. This is unacceptable." 

212. Mercedes Daniel, BA '16

213. Shannon McClure, BM '99

214. Silent Partner, BFA '21 "Inaction is a sure sign of compliance. I will not be complaint to an administration which is out to rid the University of a fundamental educational experience and one which has a much larger impact on the world than a full STEM education ever can. It should be STEAM, not STEM."

215. Silent Partner, BS/BA '16

216. Jesica Santino, BM '19

217. Chaselyn Ruffaner-Hanson, BS '18

218. Silent Partner, BS '19

219. Abigail Gschwend Harris, BM '16

220. Amelia Ivory, BME '09 "As a local music educator I will not be able to promote TU as a viable college choice for my students. Musicians are some of the highest scoring students academically and we’ll be forced to send some of the brightest students out of Tulsa."

221. Katherine Boul Svejkosky, BA '15

222. David Bilger, BA '18

223. LILY CLOUGH, BA '15 “And a step backward, after making a wrong turn, is a step in the right direction.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, Player Piano

224. Ryan Starkweather, BS/BA '18

225. Matthew Knofczynski, BSME '11, MSME '13

226. David Kennedy, BS/BA '15

227. Sarah Elizabeth Thomas, BM '16 "Thanks to the dedicated faculty and supportive environment at TU, I am pursuing a career as a professional violinist and I just received my master's degree from a major conservatory. TU should cultivate the high quality courses in liberal and performing arts that I experienced."

228. Silent Partner, BS '19 "Education is the point at which we decide whether we love the world enough to assume responsibility for it, and by the same token save it from that ruin which except for renewal, except for the coming of the new and the young, would be inevitable." -Hannah Arendt

229. Kaitlyn Ptacek, BS '15

230. Brettany DeMier, BS '18 "I was able to participate in research at the undergraduate level because of the Chemistry/Biochemistry grad students."

231. Silent Partner, BA '12, JD '19

232. Michael Paraskevas, BM '14 "Can't imagine being anywhere in the film music world today without the wealth of opportunities from my TU experience and my participation in the wonderful School of Music community!"

233. J.K. Wilson-Synar, BA '84, MA '90

234. Silent Partner, BA '17

235. Caroline  Ragon, BS '15 

236. Mark Eschmann, BS '06, MS '07

237. Sarah Lauderdale, BA '16

238. Benjamin Krumwiede, BM '15

239. Jamie Graham, BS '76, BS '78

240. Scott Kirkhuff, BA '95 "Am married to an alum and was hoping to send our three children to TU, as well. That will not happen if the True Commitment is implemented."

241. Kristin Caliva, BA '18

242. Silent Partner, BA '15

243. Peter H Poshepny, BS '74

244. Ebrima Tunkara, Ph.D. '18

245. Michael Bruns, BS '12 "I owe my success to the chemistry and biochemistry departments. A large part of that is from the graduate research I helped with. I'm appalled it is being deleted."

246. John Ostrander, Ph.D. '19 “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” From the Art of War

247. Stacy Pendergraft, BA '93 "As a theatre prof for 18 years, TU's rigorous liberal arts courses have been the core of all I do both in the classroom and as a professional maker. I have been proud when TU recruits at my kids' school. No longer. We'll spread the word--TU is not the institution it once was."

248. Drew Doran Crane, BM '17

249. Indumini U. Jayasekara, Ph.D '16 "Education is not just about academic progress. It is all about WISDOM, FAITH and SERVICE. TU does not create graduates, but true leaders. I hope TU will not eliminate graduate programs. We need more leaders for our FUTURE."

250. Phillip Fischaber, BA '13

251. Andrea Fort, BA '03

252. Darren E. Sherkat, BA '87 "My major in sociology enabled me to garner admission to 10 of the top graduate programs in the field. I eventually chose Duke over Stanford, and with my top-notch liberal arts education from Tulsa I completed my PhD in four years and landed a tenure-tracked job at Vanderbilt." 

253. Dean Andrea Bradley Hearn, BA '97, MA '99

254. Mary Jean Parker, BS '72

255. Thushara J Athauda, Ph.D. '13

256. Kerry Hudnall, BS '16

257. Angel Alajaji, BM '06 "I am an Associate Director of Data Operations for a hospital in Chicago - and I received my Bachelor of Music at TU. My music degree helped me get to where I am. To say that liberal arts degrees will not prepare you for the “relevant” jobs of today is entirely false."

258. Sara Rhodes, BA '07

259. Joshua Dresser, BME '05

260. Olivia Martin, BA '97, MA '99

261. Silent Partner, BA '16 "The courses I took at TU have better prepared me for doctoral scholarship than those in my master's coursework. My time in the honors program specifically shaped me as a scholar and equipped me with the tools I need to stand out in doctoral studies."

262. Katie Gimenez, BA '07

263. Silent Partner, BA '11

264. Opeoluwa Oyewole, M.Sc. '16

265. Hannah McConnell, BA '09

266. Tom Walter, BS/BA '19

267. Taron Pounds, BM '19 "As a music educator, my work will involve the mentorship and advisement of my students as they prepare to study music at the university level. True Commitment has shown that the University of Tulsa has shown no desire to be an establishment worthy of sending future artists."

268. Silent Partner, BA '03

269. Silent Partner, BS '14

270. James Terrell, BA '19

271. Silent Partner, BA '99 "Proud Philosophy Major and long-time donor. Until now."

272. Silent Partner, MSF/MBA '09 "It seems that TU's real 'True Commitment' is to the perpetuation of a Division 1 football program that loses millions of dollars a year, imperils young men's brains, and doesn't even generate results (-70 rushing yards anyone?) that draw fans to the stadium..."

273. Silent Partner, BSBA/MIS '94

274. Anita Hardy, BA '07

275. Elizabeth Betts, BA '77

276. Silent Partner, BS '14

277. Lucretia Newton , BS '97

278. Scott Gaffen, BA '97 "Disappointed, confused, hurt, betrayed...all words to describe my (and so many others') feelings on this."

279. Stephanie Stone, BA '11

280. Leo A. NcIntire, BSE '67

281. Ellis Coon, BS '18

282. Kent Shaffer, BFA '05

283. Sarah Morris, BA '09

284. Ahlam Alarbi, Ph.D. '17

285. Silent Partner, BA '18 "In losing resources for arts & sciences at TU, we lose a massive amount of potential for future success. I'm extremely disappointed in the path my alma mater is taking."

286. Valerie A. O'Brien, Ph.D. '09 "Many academics in our region have earned their advanced degrees at TU. Eliminating opportunities to earn a rigorous academic degree in so many subject areas will cripple an already serious knowledge deficit in faculty and administrators at Tulsa-area colleges and universities."

287. Christopher Mayo, BA '04 "While in the past I was a champion for TU, I have now had to actively advocate against it as it appears they are simply cowing to corporate institutions rather than upholding the value of education, the power of free thought, and beauty of independence." 

288. Stephen Cagle, BS '07 

289. John Talmage, BS '18

290. Kally Walsh, BA '06 "As an alumna of the liberal arts program and a current manager at a world-class university, it is deeply disappointing to see my alma mater being forced down a path that will deteriorate its strong academic reputation developed over more than a century. My giving is now on hold."

291. Shuyu Tian, BA/BS '19 "Knowledge without wisdom is dangerous. Although we're moving towards a more STEM-focused society, humanities provide guidance on how we apply STEM in society. TU needs to not only provide technical expertise but impart wisdom of the humanities as well for its students."

292. Todd Murtha, BA '90

293. Amanda Elizabeth Lemon, BA '02

294. Michael Kipper, BA '98

295. Emily Ash, BA '09

296. Kari van der Clouet, BA '98

297. Silent Partner, MA '04, Ph.D. '10

298. Andrew Eaton-Clark, BS '18

299. Mark Tipton, BS '18

300. Silent Partner, BS '18

301. Silent Partner, JD '13 "We deserve transparency in the process."

302. Rilla Askew, BFA '80

303. Dr. Kari Evanson, BA '00

304. Brian Cortes, BA '04 "Studying/Working in the Foreign Lang. Dept. gave birth to an understanding of the world beyond our political borders. I’ve seen/lived in 4 continents because of these people/education by TU Foreign Language Dept."

305. Travis Reid, BA/BSBA/BS '96 "Keep language majors alive at TU. Tulsa students deserve an opportunity to specialize in and eventually teach modern languages, which Americans have historically lacked in their skill set."

306. Madeline Divine, BSBA '15

307. Farris Michael Stevens, BS '88, MS '92

308. Alexander Wagner, BA '19 "If the ethical and the aesthetic are ontologically objective realities, then there is an alternative to the narrative of power, and something wider than science. Only a metaphysics of objective goodness and beauty, can discover a realm other than that of science and technology. "

309. Silent Partner, BS '17 "Stead Bucks > Clancy Cash :("

310. Kierstin Nicole Stapleton, BA/BS '18 "I chose to stay at TU for graduate school because of my positive undergraduate experience. Now that has been destroyed for every student who follows me." 

311. Whitney House, BA '16

312. H Mannucci, Ph.D. '18 "Broad-based TU grads enter myriad fields experts & caring humanists ready to better society. Grad studies professionalize, exact dynamic research, & boast almost 100% job placement. TU must economize with constitutional consensus; lack thereof abrades TU's hallmark integrity."

313. Charity Hrncir, BA '18 “Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.“ C. S. Lewis

314. Tara Grigson, BA '17

315. Josh Harris, BA '16

316. Ann Argodale, BM '83

317. Peter Aradi, MA '93

318. Lauren Bull, BS/BA '12 "As a physician who deeply values the role of humanities in creating grounded, well-rounded, holistic physicians who approach medical care from a humanistic perspective I am saddened and angered by the changes outlined in TU's True Commitment."

319. Jessica Victoria Hunt, BA '03, JD '10

320. Diama E Norris, BA '01 ”The humanities, done right, are the crucible in which our evolving notions of what it means to be fully human are put to the test; they teach us, incrementally, endlessly, not what to do, but how to be.” Mark Slouka

321. Matthew Cain, BS '17

322. Hayley Miller, BA '18

323. Thomas W Ratliff, BS '03 "As a TU STEM alum, I am appalled by the Administration's wrong-headed devaluation of the Humanities and the Law School."

324. Nathan Buchanan, BS '08

325. Rex Watkinson III, BSBA '74

Who can I contact with questions or comments? 

Please email us at

I already have my degree, why should I care about these cuts?

We fear that the 2019 TU Reorganization will negatively impact the quality of a TU education and that that will in turn diminish TU's national reputation and the value of your degree. 

What degree programs does the TU Reorganization impact? 

The 2019 TU Reorganization will eliminate 40% of the academic programs at TU as well as all 15 of the Departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, including university mainstays like English, Economics, Psychology, Languages, and History. For more information, visit

Will joining this group have any real impact on the university?

Yes. In fact, it already has! By Joining TUARR, you will be providing vital encouragement that will energize and sustain the faculty and students who are actively working to bring the administration back to the table.


The organization will also provide a one-of-a-kind platform for alerting alumni to opportunities for further engagement and coordinating with other faculty and student groups.


Above all, TU Alumni for Responsible Reform will create an opportunity for a critical mass of alumni to send a single, clear, supportive message to administrators, and for representatives of the organization to speak to administrators on behalf of hundreds or thousands of concerned alumni.

Meet the Organizers

JMR casual headshot.jpg

Dr. Julianne Romanello

BA '03

hockett lightened.jpg

Dr. Jeffrey Hockett



University of Tulsa

BAMSL Pic 1.jpg

Erin Fuller

BA '93

Director, Legal Services

BJC Health System


Brennen VanderVeen

BS / BA '17

Law Student

George Mason University


Jenna Harris Elser


Andrew Noland

BA '19

History Teacher

Claremore High School


Dr. Amanda Sigler

BA '04

English Professor


Dr. Matt Hindman



University of Tulsa

Red Chairs
Anna headshot.jpg

Anna Rouw

BA '18

Policy Analyst

OK House of Representatives


Alex Prosser, MD

BA '11

Resident Physician


Dr. Christopher Shrock

BS '04

Natural Herbs
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